Jacqueline McAbery lives in Northern California.  She has a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art  Institute  and a dual MA in Clinical Psychology and Creative Art Therapy from Antioch University.

Her art career started out as a fine arts photographer and since then she has worked in several different mediums including, oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, collage and encaustic.  She enjoys the challenge of the cross-pollination and interplay of different processes, which also allows the playful and accidental to come forth as they do in nature.
Her art work has won awards and is in private collections throughout the United States and Canada.

Although she continues to work in these mediums, she decided to return to her first love, photography.  Many changes have developed since her days in the dark room and she has found that the digital process has opened up a whole new exciting world.

The pinto photos you see on this site are of a herd of pintos living on the Northern California coast. They were left to run wild for decades and had very little human contact. Running amok and causing concern to local land owners, we rescued them from the threat of auction and over the years our relationship with them has deepened and been nurturing for all. You will find images of the following: foals, stallions, geldings and mares.
· Lady
· Thunder
· Mama
· Polka Dot
· Sweetie
· Little One
· Suki
· Moonbeam
· Splash
· Little Lady
· Chie
All photographs were taken during a four year period and show these majestic animals in their natural environment.


Copyright © 2012, Jacqueline McAbery